It is a very competitive year for Bridging the Dragon Sino-European Project Lab with more than 120 projects submitted, covering a diverse range from action thriller to family drama and from heroic animation to innovative arthouse. The projects made us cry, made us laugh, made us think, and made us heartbroken - from these beautiful projects we can just select a few.


                                                                             "Stop talking, can't hold my tears."


  Therefore, after the back and forth debate within the selection committee, with a comprehensive consideration of the story quality, co-production possibility, and project maturity, A HUGE CONGRATULATION TO THE SELECTED PROJECTS! 







Writer: JIN Huiyan


Producer: JIN Huiyan, CHENG Yuhai


Production Company: Beijing Ting Hai Shi Bei Film Culture Ltd.


A Chinese screenwriter-to-be who just quit her job to chase her dream and a middle-aged French forgotten actor meet at the train station. Both facing the crossroad of their own lives, the girl starts “writing” her first story and, by chance, the man gets his first leading role. When their destinies intertwine, it will be the“end of the land”,and also the beginning of a new journey.


 Ashes of Sins 

导演/编剧: 罗思

Director/Screenwriter: Sylvie Luo


Producer: WANG Donghui、Sylvie Luo


Production Company: Tianjin Encore Films


On the peak of her career, fashion designer Yu Wei is notified by the Italian police to assist an investigative murder case. The victim is the person who led Yu to the fashion industry and who was now killed by his daughter Geonna. Digging further into the case, Yu’s own past gets more and more revealed.


 Hockey King 



Producer/Screenwriter: QIAN Feng


Co-Producer: Sammi Lu


Production Company: Ori Animation


Born in a traditional ice-hockey family 12-year-old Robbie is addicted to online hockey games. In order to help his friend Joyce realizing his dream of becoming an ice-hockey player too, Robbie finally gets out of the virtual world and joins the real ice-hockey competition.




Director/Writer: LIEN Chien-Hung


Producer: Uilin Wang, Manyin Reinert

制片公司: 赤兔影像制作有限公司(台湾)、ENLA MEDIA LIMITED(英国)

             Production Company: Redbit Pictures CO., LTD (Taiwan), ENLA MEDIA LIMITED (UK)


45-year-old chicken farmer Hui Chun meets the foreigner Martin on a dating app and a long-distance romance starts. However, everyone else thinks Martin is just a fraud. One day, Martin disappears without saying anything. To prove Martin's existence, Hui Chun decides to leave for London to find the real Martin herself.


 The French ConSessions 


Screenwriter: WANG Huiyu

制片人: 刘迦密

Producer: LIU Jiami


Production Company: Wonderland Culture Beijing Ltd.


A group of mismatched expats with different backgrounds is recruited for an international fraud. Their goal is to con four rich men, who are interested in international investment. Led by Columbia Law graduate Gong Yixin and his alumni Bruce, the team puts together a master plan all taking place in one small district – the former French Concession in Shanghai. Everything seems to go well until they are, unexpectedly, sabotaged by one of their own. But in the end, the outcome is even bigger than they could imagine…


 PM 1:45 


Director/Screenwriter: HONG Liang


Producer:WU Haibei


Production Company: Shanghai Wuta Films Ltd.


Using one-shot technique, the film follows parallel realities in which a man traveling back in time tries to change the destiny of his wife who was killed by a murderer but, at some point, starts to realize that the actual murderer might have been himself …


 Steam World - The Dawn of Azure 



Director/Screenwriter: XIANG Yuntong


Producer: XU Xian


Production Company: Shanghai Te Shen Culture & Communication Co. Ltd


In the steamy underground of the Rat kingdom, a mining accident changes the destiny of Arno, a human girl adopted by a rat. In order to find out the secret of her stepfather who passed away, Arno, together with a human boy and the spirit of a sacred rock, leave for an escape journey that will be full of amazing and unforgettable events.


 A Long Long Pause 


Director/Screenwriter: FAN Jiangliu


Producer: ZHAO Jia, YANG Fan

制片公司:木裔影视 (荷兰)、法新(上海)影业有限公司

Production Company: Muyi Films (Holland), Farthing Films Co.Ltd


26-year-old pianist K, because of a rare disease, never hit his puberty. Tortured by the conflict between his identity and his gender-neutral appearance, he finds himself constantly feeling frustrated. However, when he finally blooms, it is not the happy-ending he expected.


 A Touch of Warm 

 龙跃 X FIRST 特别项目 

 BTD X FIRST Special Project 


Director/Screenwriter: KANG Bo


Producer: WANG Siyu


                                                               Production Company: Hehe Films


Reindeer, whose real name is Zhu Shaoyu, is a women’s human trafficker. Unexpectedly, one day his own son Zhu Kai is abducted from their hometown. In order to find and rescue him, Reindeer gets involved into the gang which kidnapped him. Meanwhile, Haoz, the guardian of the abducted children, slips away with Zhu Kai, thinking of selling him on his own in order to pay his gambling debts. He leaves behind his girlfriend Li Qi who’s nine months pregnant. The gang decides to trick Li Qi to sell her own baby and appoint Reindeer to take Li Qi to the city to give birth and trade the newborn. But all Reindeer is thinking about is how to find Rat and save her own son…

 Let Me Rest In Peace 

 龙跃 X 山一 特别项目 

 BTD X OIWFF Special Project 


Director/Screenwriter: Yoko Yamanaka


Let Me Rest in Peace tells the story that, on the way home, 32-year-old Tokyo publication editor Aiko saw two girls huddling together blubbering in the nightfall. Aiko recalls her childhood partner who she probably would never see again from the scene. They had been friends since age six, and for a really long time, Aiko has no friend other than that kid. When Aiko was to enter middle school, her family moved to Tokyo, and the two pals departed to their own life path. Like this, 32-year-old already Aiko who had long forgotten the childhood memory, decides to see this friend. 




 Hello, Goodbye 


Writer/编剧: Catherine Shepherd

Director/导演: Oily Parker

Producer/制片人: David Barron

Production Company/制片公司: Clipper Media Capital


Sparks fly when trendy Zhang and posh Jenny meet on dating app in Shanghai - except Jenny is just a regular scouser and Zhang hasn't changed his wardrobe in a decade. When she moves back to Liverpool following a row, it's up to Zhang to find the real Jenny in the City of Pop.

 From Paris with Love 


Writer/编剧: Jingyang Sun, Alyosha Saari

Producer/制片人: Jingyang Sun, Alyosha Saari, Julien Madon

Production Company/制片公司: Miscellaneous/A Single Man Production


Due to Chinese tourists repeatedly being robbed in Paris, a French cop is forced to work with a Chinese companion. They need to find the girl of a rich Chinese man kidnapped during their visit to the French capital. The pursuit takes them to the most unexpected landmarks in China.




Director/Writer 导演/编剧: Ailbhe Keogan

Producer/制片人: John Wallace

Production Company/制片公司: Black Sheep Productions


A fearful carer is charged with bringing three wilful table tennis players safely to and from the over 80's world championships in China. However,  they refuse to play by her rules, insisting to live and die on their own terms instead.

 Kung Fu Lion 



Writer/Director 编剧/导演: Froukje Tan

Producer/制片人: Sabine Veenendaal

Production Company/制片公司: Submarine Film


A Chinese Lion is made out of two Kung Fu dancers: One moves the head, while the other shakes the tail. They have to sense each other faultlessly. But what happens if the back wants to take the lead?

 The Fake Adventurer 

 - And the Chinese Medallion 


Writer/编剧: Pierre Puget

Producer/制片人: Marcus Roth

Production Company/制片公司: tv60filmproduktion GmbH


A famous impostor of an adventurer is challenged by rivalry. What if he has to go on a real adventure in exotic China to prove himself to his biggest fan - although he has never left his desk before?

 Forgotten Poppies 



Writer/Director 编剧/导演: Nancy Schoesetters, Jan Roos

Producer/制片人: Nancy Schoesetters, Jan Roos

Production Company/制片公司: TM Media Productions


Fate brings people together, no matter how far apart they may be. Young Zhang Fang, the victim of the Brussels terrorist attack in 2016 who was saved by a Belgian doctor, learns this lesson once again when recalling her family’s story of the past hundred years.





Writer/编剧: John Hörnschemeyer

Producer/制片人: John Hörnschemeyer, Josef Brandmaier

Production Company/制片公司: Have Not Films Europe


When a middle-aged German woman inherits an enigmatic text that is written in the rare Chinese script of Nüshu, her curiosity and unanswered questions concerning her family’s activities in pre-war China, lead her to the Chinese Provinces of Jiangxi and Hunan, and a mystery that has its roots in the dramatic social and political upheaval of late-Summer 1934.

 The Father's Bomb



Director/Writer 导演/编剧: Baishen YAN

Producer/制片人: Chunning Guo

Production Company/制片公司: Memory Jungle Studio B.V.


This animation film based on a graphic novel of the same title will demonstrate a “truth”: the seemingly accidental bomb might have resulted from multiple reasons such as twists of science and the complexity of humanity.

 The Little Grey That Matters 


Director/Writer 导演/编剧: Lina Reinsbakken

Producer/制片人: Lina Reinsbakken

Production Company/制片公司: NornStudio


An episodic VR allegory on neuroscience about a journey dividing will from fear.


For selected projects, other than being invited to the two modules of the lab with three days each (room and board provided by Bridging the Dragon, chance to participate European accredited film festival and advised by high-profile tutors one-on-one), we will additionally:

 1. 提供针对入选项目的欧洲各类电影基金会的申请并给予协助和建议。

 a. Assist and advise on application to European film related foundations for lab projects.

2. 如果获奖项目涉及中欧合拍,龙跃将负责推荐协调适合的欧洲制片公司、欧洲联合制片人以及各类相应的欧洲合作伙伴。

 b. Recommend matched European production companies, producers and other European partners, if the lab project is about Sino-European co-production.

3. 如果获奖项目有意愿进入欧洲电影市场,龙跃将提供协助选择接洽欧洲发行商并提供发行渠道的建议。

 c. Assist with finding European distributor and advise on distribution channel, if the project willing to enter the European market.

4. 龙跃将提供项目故事梗概和故事大纲的翻译服务(不包括电影完整剧本)。

 d. Help to translate project synopsis and treatment (full script not included).